Building job sites with Joomla!

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After the expiry date, JobSeeker can not login and use the system. If not, the system will not support JobSeeker to login. Job seeker resume details. Fields in the Resume Form can be added, edited, deleted and managed in the Form Customization. This is a convenient short cut menu for employer's transactions on Job Board site. You can view transaction's invoice, edit, delete, create new transaction. Transactions manager. Main information:. Each transaction has information like the following.

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This page allows you view applications that job seekers and guest users sent to employers. On this page you can create new, edit, delete application easily.

Create a Job Application In Less Than 6 Minutes With Joomla

Each application has information like the following. Some main important information.

Fields in the Application Form are also managed in the Form Customization. The Posting plan includes three types:.

Building job sites with Joomla!

The term Value times goes with Standard Job and Premium Job, which specifies the number of job Employer is entitled to post. Posting plans. Each posting plan has properties like the following. Main information in this form. Note : to the field: Posting Quantity, there is detail guide for all cases. There are two subscriptions corresponding with two major types of Job Board users. They are Job Seeker and Employer.

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Within this subscription section, you can easily regulate and reset the default permissions, membership duration and associated price scheme for each membership if any. By default, job seeker upon their registration will be given all basic permissions to find jobs. These default settings could be changed within a few minutes. By default, employer upon their registration will be given all basic permissions to post job and recruit employees.

Main information. Subscription Manager. On back end, you could manage permissions of assigned administrator as follows. After going to User permissions category, Click on Admin section you will see a list of Job Board administrators. Each of those has different administrative permissions as assigned by super administrator. Set of Job Board administrator permissions. Within User Permissions category, click on user section, you could see a full list of Job Board users. Job Seeker's permissions. Employer's permissions.

Item Description

Guest users are anonymous users who do not register with Job Board. Guests are considered as anonymous Job Seekers who are given permissions to search jobs, send application without registration yet. These default settings could be changed within a few clicks. Guest user permissions. Available permissions in the system. General configuration section let you change NEW jobs list theme, display of date format, allow resume file extensions that can be uploaded, allow image file extensions can be uploaded, allow maximum size of upload file.

Details Configuration. Example: For the Job detail page, map should get data and display in the Job Location field. Note : JA Map plugin must be installed and enabled. This section determines whether front-end users need to be approved or not, how many standard jobs and premium jobs a new employer can post for free, how many credit bonus will be given to new employers upon registration.

Configuration details. This section determines whether to charge employer on job post, on resume browsing or not, whether to charge registration of front-end user or not. After registering, they have to pay the amount for the subscription and they can use the system in the duration as the provision of the subscription. After buying, the duration to use the system, permissions, User General config for posting expire:. The available duration of the job will depend on the package that the Employer bought.

Employer can buy more packages to extend the available duration. This section sets Job Board payment contact information and the default payment method, for now, there is only one payment method. Payment contact information will be display on the Ship to section in the transactions invoice. This section has the following settings.

Main Information. Payment information on transaction invoice. This section determines whether user pays real money to Job Board or user has to buy credit package for payment, this section also determines the currency in use on Job Board. This one is to configure to use real currency or special currency. This section enables or disables Job Board to send email automatically, this section also sets Job Board email information that will be display in sent emails and format of sent emails.

This section determines whether some user operations will be cached or not, how long caching will be expired in minutes and the directory for caching. With each page, user can set title for the page, keywords, description. Additionally, it also allows to use other system parameters. Category is field in which job belongs to.

You can create new, edit, delete, publish, unpublish category easily. Note: If you delete or unpublish one category, its child categories also will be deleted or unpublished. Import categories: Supporting to import categories from XML file that has structure as shown below.

Create new excel document 2. Input values with the structure as shown in the image above 3.

Building Job Sites with Joomla!

Select the saved file to upload. Location is place where employee will works. Note: If you delete or unpublish one location, its child locations also will be deleted or unpublished. Import categories: Supporting to import location from XML file that has structure as shown below.